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Enjoy these inspiring teaching tools and other inspirational products and gifts from our founder Cynthia Murray:


With The Power of A Plan you will:

*Focus on what you really want out of life

*Learn how to create a "Dream Team" to help you succeed

*Create a master plan and succeed

$15.00  FREE Shipping and Handling!

Rise Up And Get Your Blessing

Learn the secrets to rising up in worship, prayer, faith and wisdom to receive the blessing that God has for your life and defeat the plans of the enemy against your happiness and future just as Hannah did in the Bible.

$9.99 FREE Shipping and Handling!

Becoming a Vessel of Honor 
This is a wonderfully encouraging book that inspires women to be all that they can be for Christ and to receive His blessing despite the many challenges that they face in life.  This book takes looks at the lives of many fascinating women in the Bible how they too became vessels of honor in the most unsuspecting ways.

$9.99 FREE Shipping and Handling

En Espanol: SIENDO UNA VASIJA DE HONOR $9.99 incluye envio GRATIS en los EE.UU.!  

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS for Vessel of Honor/Siendo una Vasija
Place international orders here for $14.99 USD  (includes Intl S/H)

Envio Internacional para la vesrsion en Esp.: $14.99  incluye el envio 

Seasons of Change: Surviving and Thriving During Life's Biggest Challenges 

Successfully getting through the full cycle of your individual major life change requires patience, an understanding of the spiritual seasons and faith in God. Seasons of Change takes you on an enlightening journey to find that in each life event there are spiritual seasons just like the natural ones.  Discover your season and claim victory in it!

$12.99 + FREE Shipping and Handling! 


Seasons of Change: Surviving and Thriving During Life's Biggest Challenges Study Guide

 Now you can enjoy a personal, couple or group study with Seasons of Change the Study Guide!  Discover what season of change you are in and how to enjoy every minute of it!

$9.99 FREE Shipping and Handling!

 Just $20 + FREE Shipping and Handling!

God designed you perfectly.  You are divine.  You are fearfully and wonderfully made and from the beginning God put everything that you need to stay healthy and beautiful in nature.  That is why the Divine products combine the highest quality, 100% natural ingredients to maintain healthy, vibrant skin.  Both balms in this skin care set are gentle and can be used to soften face, body and hair when used as a deep conditioner.  A little goes a very long way and the products work best in combination with each other.  Pamper your face, hair and body with this luxurious set. These products are safe for the whole family. Ten percent of all profits go to support Bombay Teen Challenge human rescue missions in India.  Thank you for your support!
Divine by Day

Divine by Day is made from one of earth's most healing plants - aloe vera.  The leaf of this plant contains a clear gel that soothes, relieves and heals skin that is dry, irritated and damaged by the elements.  Natural aloe gel added with Vitamin E brings moisture and an amazing glow to your skin.  Fragrance free.  Retail $34.00 + $4.00 Shipping.

Divine by Night

Divine by Night combines the healing power of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E with the intense moisturizing effect of organic, extra virgin olive oil and the aromatic fragrance of French lavender to leave your skin feeling and looking smooth, silky and youthful as it repairs during the night.
Retail $39.00 + $4.00  Shipping.
Divine Healing Skin Tonic Spritzer
The Divine Healing Skin Tonic Spritzer lightens, and brightens skin for optimal clarity.  It contains witch hazel that acts as an astringent, lemon juice that aids in lightening dark areas on the body such as elbows and knees, and tea tree oil, a natural healing agent.  If an area is irritated, this product may sting slightly upon application.  Avoid contact with eyes, by spraying directly onto the palm of clean hands or a cotton pad then applying to the face.  Always follow use of the toner with a moisturizer to avoid over-drying the skin.  Retail $20.00 + $4.00 Shipping.
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